Pre- Owned Instruments


Conditions of Sale


Instruments intended for sale

Instruments will remain in the possession of Recorder Shop London (or any representative) while they are intended for sale.

Instruments will be cleaned and serviced to ensure they are in optimum sale condition. Recorder Shop London reserves the right to complete any work deemed appropriate to ensure(maximize the potential?) the sale of the instrument and ensure standards of instruments offered for sale.

A case will be provided for all instruments without a case

The total cost of any repair work, case or any other relevant costs will be deducted from the final sale price, with the remaining funds returned to the seller as detailed below.

Recorder shop London reserves the right to refuse or withdraw to offer an instrument for sale

Low value instruments may be donated to charitable causes, the seller will be asked permission in such cases

Once in optimum condition an estimated sale price will be determined. The instrument will be advertised on the website once service, photos and relevant tasks are completed. Where possible and if appropriate, instruments will be taken to external events as part of the shop. There is no minimum number of external events and there is no guarantee of this.

Recorder Shop London reserves the right to use discretion and allow instruments to be taken away on approval or to be used for the purposes of testing an instrument.

There can be no timescale provided for the sale of pre-owned instruments.

It is the sellers responsibility to ensure Recorder Shop London is kept up to date of any changes to personal details to facilitate communication.

Instruments will be insured whilst in possession of Recorder Shop London however, no responsibility can be taken if any loss occurs outside of any policy held.


Starting sale price, Minimum sale price

After a full service has been completed an estimated sale price will be determined and the instrument offered for sale. Should the owner wish to specify a starting sale price or expected minimum sale price, this should be stated in writing when the instrument is sent for sale.

Should the instrument not sell at the starting sale price, or to ensure consistancy amongst the items offered for sale, Recorder Shop London reserves the right to change the sale price.

In the case of the seller specifying a minimum sale price' the instrument will be initially offered for sale at a recommended price and reduced in price if deemed appropriate until the minimum price. In the event of non sale at the minimum price the instrument will be removed from sale and returned to the customer on payment of the full service charge and related costs


Sold instruments

All sales made through Recorder Shop London are deemed completed at the moment of payment or dispatch to the customer. The ownership of the instrument is then transferred to the buyer.

Instruments are given a final check and adjustment to ensure it is matched to the new owners requirements.

The buyer/new will be responsible for postage or delivery costs in receiving the instrument.

The new owner is subject to a 30 day return period. Recorder Shop London reserves the right to extend this if deemed appropriate


Return of funds

After the 30 days (or similar) return period the total sale price after deduction of costs will be returned to the previous seller. The cost consist of

- charges for service, repairs or adjustments to the instrument

- cases or related costs deemed appropriate to ensure the sale of the instrument.

- Sale commission of 5% of the final sale price, or £25 whichever the greater


Return of Unsold instruments

In the event of non sale (or the the seller withdrawing the instrument from sale) the instrument will be removed from the website and not offered for sale from an agreed date.

It will be returned to the customer on payment of the full service charge and related cost as deemed appropriate. The seller is reminded that the instrument will have been serviced and re-voiced. The seller will be responsible for any return postage or delivery costs.

If the seller has not paid the stated costs after 30 days Recorder Shop London reserves the right to offer the instrument for sale at any price to ensure costs are met. Any additional funds after sale and deductions will be returned to the seller.


Sales for Charity

Sellers can specify charities that will receive funds on the sale of instruments. The seller is to provide details of payment procedure if required.

The above terms apply to sales made for charity. Payment to charities may be subject to longer than the 30 day period to allow for bulk payment to simplify administration costs.

Effective date: Jan 2022