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Why buy a pre-owned instrument?

New wooden recorders often  a period of 'blowing in' where the recorder can only be played for short periods of time. Often this process can take many months. The tone generally improves over time but  also there can often be changes in the recorder voicing and tone.  

Pre-owned instruments have usually been blown in and can often be more stable than a brand new instrument. Used instruments vary in condition and many require cleaning and  revoicing.

All instruments on sale on this site have been serviced and revoiced. Purchasing a pre-owned instrument means you can get an individual instrument at a much reduced cost than purchasing a brand new recorder. 


Why buy a pre-owned instrument from RecorderShopLondon?

 All pre-owned instruments sold at RecorderShopLondon and serviced to ensure they are in the optimum condition. Please note that delivery of a pre-owned instrument may take slightly longer than 3-5 days to allow for a final check and service. 

Cosmetic damage (such as teeth marks, scratches etc) have, where possible, been removed or repaired. All instruments are sold with a case.  

In the  event you are unhappy with the instrument, it can be returned for a refund if  in sale condition within 30 days and with any shop labels still attached. Return postage costs are not refunded. Please note a cleaning fee may be applied in the event of a returned recorder to ensure the recorder is hygienically cleaned for the next potential buyer. 


CITIES regulations regarding Rosewood

 In 2017 new rules regarding Rosewood came into force. Please note that it may not be possible to ship instruments outside the EU that contain rosewood or related members of the rosewood family. The CITIES regulations already cover the sale of ivory. If you would like to purchase instruments for dispatch outside the EU please get in touch first.

 Looking for an instrument and need advice?

If you are looking for a particular instrument, would like some advice on choosing one or want to know more about instruments currently in stock, do get in touch and I will do my best to help. It is also possible for me to help find a recorder you are looking for by notifying you when a suitable instrument becomes available. 


Selling an instrument?

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