Instrument Service and Repair & Selling Instruments

 Service and Repair

It's important to look after our instruments but sometimes they may still need a little help. 

Some of the signs you may notice in wooden recorders:

     - Recorder clogs very quickly

     - Tone feels 'blocked'

     - Thin sound to the tone

     - Difficult or noisy high notes

     - Weak or 'burbling' low notes

     - Tuning problems

     - Loose joints

     - Worn thumb hole

Wooden recorders often need to be oiled and this can be a daunting task for some people. The windway is a particularly vital part of the tone production on a recorder and moisture, changes in the wood and other deposits can cause problems. Windways benefit from the block being removed and windway cleaned, however, this is not an easy task. 

I offer a standard instrument service which involves cleaning of the instrument both inside and out, re-voicing if required (improving the tone and sound of the instrument) and oiling. As every player and instrument is different I will contact you before any work is carried out to discuss the problems you have experienced, ideal sound you want and explain the service process. 

The service can take from around 1 - 2 weeks depending on the state of the instrument and current workload. Please get in touch if you would like your instrument serviced. The charge for a standard service for a soprano/alto/tenor recorder is from £50 excl. return P&P. Thumb bushing, larger instruments and more complex work such as very damaged instruments or designing a new block are subject to additional costs. Instruments can be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery insured up to £500, higher insurance values are available.


Thumb bushing rings are available in a choice or White, Beige or Black! 
If thumb bushing is required, it is now possible to offer a choice of colours including black for blackwood recorders.


Handmade instruments
Iit is advised to return handmade instruments to the maker for any repair or revoicing. Although I will be happy to work on handmade instruments, please be aware that most makers will invalidate any warranty or no longer work on any instrument if it has been serviced by a third-party. This should be considered before sending a handmade instrument for revoicing


Water trap fitting to bass crooks 
Water traps can be fitted to most brass crooks to prevent condensation while playing. The trap consist of a brass drain and silicon cup. Crooks, caps and mouthpieces will need to be sent in to the workshop.

To arrange or discuss a service please get in touch.


Julie Dean is a Proffesional Menber of NAMIR (National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers)

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Selling your instrument: 

 Do you have an instrument you would like to sell?

Are you looking to upgrade to another instrument?

I am happy to add your instrument to my site. All instruments will require a full service as detailed above before being offered for sale to ensure they are in optimum condition.


Terms and conditions regarding the sale of pre-owned instruments can be found here