Recorder Maintenance Presentation

This presentation is aimed at all levels from amateur or student players to teachers and performers. It covers and an introduction to what is meant by recorder 'voicing'. It aims to demonstrate how sensitive the windway area is and how to identify changes in the sound that could be a result of windway changes.

The workshop will use a projector with diagrams, photos and information shown. There will also be a practical demonstration of the issues by making voicing adjustments to a recorder.

The presentation can be held in person of online via Zoom.

As there is a practical demonstration it is better the audience numbers are small (perhaps less than 30) to allow people to sit close enough to hear the changes in sound.

Typical topics covered

What is meant by recorder 'voicing'

Inside the recorder windway, description of a typical windway shape

Demonstration of the sensitivity and changes to the sound with various adjustments to the windway

Typical recorder bore shape and its effect on the tuning of the recorder

Typical signs of voicing problems

Common causes of voicing problems

Picture showing issues inside the windway

Difference between curved and straight windways

Cracks, what can cause them and how to minimise the risk of cracks

Cork/Thread Joint problems

Simple things to do to care for your recorder

Question and Answer sessions

Oiling recorders, including demonstration

Duration: Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours depending on Q&A at the end

To arrange for the presentation at your event or group then Contact Us.